Category: Moving to Grails

  • Security – authentication

    In this blog post I will look into authentication. XPages has a built-in authentication mechanism. In order to enable authentication I edited the application’s ACL, removing anonymous access and adding the appropriate users / groups. Grails does not have built-in authentication. The documentation chapter on Authentication describes how to implement your own authentication using interceptors, […]

  • Grails development environment

    In this blog post I will look into my development environment. IDE When starting out with Grails development I was already used to the Eclipse IDE, so naturally this was the starting point for me. Eclipse I did a preliminary test GGTS which worked right out of the box. Unfortunately GGTS is made for Grails […]

  • Selecting a database platform

    Grails database access is provided through GORM which implements connections to many different database platforms. The main implementation of is for Hiberate ORM which uses JDBC to connect to a relational database. There are also GORM implementations for MongoDB, Neo4j, Cassandra and REST. Given support for JDBC and the special implementations you have a rich […]

  • Moving to Grails from a legacy platform – background

    The idea for this blog came from the documentation and answers out there regarding Grails as a platform – or to be more precise – the lack of writing about why and what the different choices brings to the table, and also which choices are there to choose from. The amount of optional and mandatory […]